Paul MycroftNow known as Market 2 All, Paul Mycroft Design (PMD) is a professional web design firm located on Vancouver Island. We design and build highly-effective web sites and email marketing campaigns for clients in Canada, the USA, and the UK.

Having emigrated from London, England, Paul has moved between cities in North America, building a loyal following since starting the business back in 2002. Many clients are with him today who were there from day one.

The company now provides professional email marketing, website design using mainly WordPress, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), logos and branding. We help companies and individuals improve their online presence who require a trusted and reliable support team to service their needs.

But where did it start and who is this Mycroft guy? I thought he was Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock’s smarter older brother!

A Little Background

It all started because Paul was fired in 2002.Chicago elevated train

Emigrating to Chicago in 1994 was only the first step, more like a massive leap. Paul worked night shift in a pre-press printing firm for 2 years before moving to the computer department then on to a small design agency, learning how to create labels and designs for well-known shampoo and healthcare products.

A web hosting company moved in next door so when the opportunity arose to “switch sides”, Paul leapt at the chance. It helped that the design agency’s owner felt that the Internet “was a fad that would never catch on.”

I learned so much in my 11 years living and working in Chicago. Working amongst some of the brightest talent in the industry really challenged me to push myself, both as a project manager and as a designer. It was here that I became, “The Perfectionist.”

Being a rugby player, Paul joined the Chicago Lions where he started their first web page, learning to hand code HTML in the his spare time (yep, the blinking text actually happened), and created an email newsletter for the players and Alumni, probably one of the first in the USA.

After being the sole web designer at the hosting company, they were taken over by a larger firm so again, it was time to move on, this time to a small web design agency. It was here that Paul developed his desire to learn from a talented team and manage projects from start to finish.

Going it Alone

It’s always a risk joining a small team so when the wage bill became too much to bear, the owners reluctantly let all the staff go, including Paul. This was just the start. The very next day, Paul Mycroft Design was formed and potential clients were contacted.

The lessons learned on the rugby club’s website were invaluable as Paul created sites for small businesses that were not only functional and looked good, but were of the required web browser standards. These were the days when Netscape and Internet Explorer ruled the browser world yet made life very difficult for almost every person trying to build websites that looked the same on every computer monitor.

Coming Together

KayakAfter leaving Chicago in 2005, Paul moved to Cleveland for 3 years and started Market 2 All, the email newsletter service that is now the core service of the business. Emigrating again to Canada in 2005 has allowed Paul to grow the brand and develop the cohesive business it is today.

The trait most valued by Paul is loyalty. He still services clients from back in Chicago, added to that list in Cleveland, and has now been hired by the local municipality to provide professional email marketing services.

With 2 young daughters, Paul enjoys kayaking, playing soccer, and serves on the board of the local business organization.

He gives back to the local community when he can and has become a trusted source for individuals, businesses and organizations, who he loves to see succeed.

Without that, he wouldn’t be in business to begin with.