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With a team of people able to handle almost any project, we are now a full-service web design firm.

A little background

London - Chicago - Cleveland - Vancouver Island

Paul Mycroft Design (PMD) is a professional web design firm near the ocean on Vancouver Island. We design and build highly-effective web sites and email marketing campaigns for clients in four countries.

Formed in 2002, we have developed several cohesive services including web design, email marketing, and online branding to businesses and individuals who are looking to improve their online presence and require a trusted and reliable support team to service their needs.

But where did it start and who is this Mycroft guy? I thought he was Sherlock Holmes’ brother!


London, England

Paul is a Brit (limey, pom) who started (real) life back in England at the London College of Printing. With a healthy interest in all things graphic design, Paul worked his way though several printing companies before emigrating to the Second City in 1994; Chicago. It was here that he saw the light and never looked back.



After working in web hosting and a couple of talented design agencies, Paul finally made the leap and formed his own web design business in 2002.

I learned so much in my 10 years living and working in Chicago. Working amongst some of the brightest talent in the industry really challenged me to push myself, both as a project manager and as a designer. It was here that I became, “The Perfectionist.”

He also made some crucial relationships that benefit the business to this very day. Finding (and keeping) reliable and skilled contractors is never easy but it helps if you’ve worked with them side-by-side.



The biggest test was moving the business to Ohio with his young family where he spent 4 years, preparing to emigrate to British Columbia. But his client base not only remained steady, it grew!

Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island

The final step was to move to beautiful Vancouver Island where PMD continues to service clients from 4 countries and provides a level of customer service not found in large design agencies.

This is where it all comes together. With a team of people able to handle almost any project, we are now a full-service web design firm. And if we can’t do the project, we’ll find someone who can.

Paul is happily married with 2 young daughters, cycles to work every day, loves the outdoor life, and still manages to do the “Polar Bear Plunge” every New Year’s Day. If you are looking for skin care products, you have come to the right place!

Paul Mycroft

Owner Paul Mycroft