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McCarthy InsuranceView portfolio item »

McCarthy Insurance were discovering through our monthly Google Analytics reports that the share of mobile visitors to their website had increased from 9% in September 2013 to 18% in June 2014.

McCarthy InsuranceView portfolio item »
August 2011 - McCarthy Insurance

Hailing from upstate New York, we were pleased to work with an insurance company outside of Chicago, as we had done in the past. McCarthy not only needed to increase their search engine traffic and rankings but desired a more professional image.

John Horn InsuranceView portfolio item »

John Horn came to use after seeing another insurance site we created. Having lived in Chicago for 11 years, we were familiar with the business landscape there.

Thomas Ward InsuranceView portfolio item »
January 2010 - Thomas Ward Insurance

We were very pleased with the result of this project even though it took about a year from discovery to launch.

We incorporated a 3-step quote process (as well as their instant quote system) rather than one big form to encourage more quote requests. This tied into a backend database, which featured several Admin controls, making the business more efficient.

Some happy campers...

Paul Mycroft Design was instrumental in building our site from the ground up. We continue to be impressed by their monthly input to our site results, and their timely recommendations for improvement. PMD gives the small- to medium-size business owner the advantages of an IT department without on-site staffing. Thanks to the direction and intelligence we receive from Paul Mycroft Design.

- Bill McCarthy McCarthy Insurance

Creative Genius is a rare commodity. This exceptional talent can now be found in the heart of our community with a perspective that translates into an exceptional product with amazing results. That is the experience of our Law Office as we have returned to Paul Mycroft repeatedly for web page design and maintenance, Facebook set up and maintenance, advertising design and layout, and lastly our corporate logo. Thank you Paul Mycroft for your contribution to our community!

- Paul Nettleton Robson, O'Connor

Maintenance is a breeze as it took less than one hour for him to train us on all aspects. We especially appreciate his turnkey approach and ongoing support… necessary for busy professionals! The end result was a website my entire team could be proud of! Thank you Paul!

- Amy Swart EverSource

We used Paul a few years ago to give our website a complete overhaul. We were so happy with the work that he did for us that it was a no brainer to use him again to bring our website up to date again. We basically were looking to transition to WordPress and to have our site be compatible with mobile browsers. Paul delivered again! We are very happy with the update! Thanks Paul!

- Brian Barriball Hemlock Landscapes