Google Analytics

We take the grunt work out and email you an easy-to-understand report each month.

Taming the Google Monster

We'd all like to get to grips with Google, wouldn't we?

Let’s face it. Who has the time to sift through statistics every month to find the gems that will help turn your website into a business machine?

We do. And the funny thing is, we actually enjoy it.

Google Analytics analysis

What does it all mean? Really, what?

Installation & Setup

Taming the Google MonsterIt’s important that Analytics is installed correctly on your website, has the right filters added to prevent other sites stealing your code (and artificially inflating your numbers), emails the monthly snapshot PDF to your inbox, and tracks social media visitors.

It should also hook into your Google Webmaster Tools account to correctly rtack the right area.

Monitoring and Monthly Analysis

Using our Supporter package, we can take the grunt work out of monthly analysis and email you an easy-to-understand report each month, highlighting the key areas that your site is either under-performing or is doing well in. We also recently passed the Digital Analytics Fundamentals course.

Digital Analytics Fundamentals

Spotting trouble early is important as it can avoid many months’ work trying to play “catch up”. On the other hand, identifying strong points (e.g. keyword phrases, click-throughs from important websites) can help to build further on what is already working such as more blog posts using your top keyword phrases.

We can also make sure it correctly tracks your eCommerce transactions and set up “goals” to track specific actions.

One Time Review?

Sure, no problem. Let us review your Google Analytics and tell you where your site is performing and where it is not quite up to snuff. We can also handle setting up Google AdWords (pay-per-click) campaigns and making sure your location is correctly listed in Google Places.

We’d all like to get to grips with Google and tame that monster, wouldn’t we?

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