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PMD can be that shoulder. Your rock. Your support.

Analysis, Updates, Oiling That Squeak

You decide.

Need a Partner You Can Rely On?

Do you feel like there is so much to do in your calendar and so little time. Ever wished someone would take those headaches away and make them all better? Need a shoulder to lean on in times of trouble?

PMD can be that shoulder. Your rock. Your support.

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What Could Maintenance & Support Include?

Good question. Every situation is different and we can’t do everything under the sun (maybe the moon) but once a website or campaign is launched, there is maintenance to be performed. These tasks could include:

  • Website Traffic Analysis
  • WordPress updates and plugin updates
  • Pay-Per-Click analysis and adjustment
  • Website health checks using Google Webmaster Tools
  • Website verification in the major search engines (just to let them know you’re there)
  • Inbound link analysis (links from other websites vary in value)
  • Email address creation
  • Social media status updates (Facebook, Twitter)

Is That It?

No, there’s more. We have been known to provide the following services to a business:

  • Web page copywriting, optimized for the search engines
  • Domain name renewals
  • Web hosting renewals
  • Database backups

When Do We Perform These Tasks?

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Annually

You decide.

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