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Rank Better in Google with a Fast Site

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A fast loading website can boost your Google search rankings and help you sleep at night.

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Search Engine Website Traffic Share Under 50%?

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If you receive the free, emailed Google Analytics PDF report every 1st of the month (we set this up with many of our clients), how closely do you look at it? Do you know what to do with that information? Do you take a quick look then delete it or do you log in to your account and dig a little deeper?

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Customize Reports in Google Analytics

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If your Google Analytics reports ended or you no longer receive them, there is a fix. But it’s not an “easy” fix – Google makes it a little tricky to set up again.

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Top SEO Tips

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Being found in the search engines is crucial to any business. Being found on the first page is a bonus. Why do SEO?

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10 Website Optimization Tips

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Are you happy with your website? Are you satisfied with its performance and the way to benefits your business? Are you aware of the latest developments and upgrades from Google and Facebook?

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10 SEO Myths

Every web designer should be aware of the search engines and how they work. We understand how important it is that we deliver a well-designed web site that not only looks good and works well for our client but also performs well in the search engines after the site is launched. This not only helps to (hopefully) increase traffic to the site but can reflect on me for future work.

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